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The December Newsletter

Mark’s Market Update 

Is it a good time to buy or continue to rent?  As I’m sure you’ve heard, the State of Oregon’s Office of Economic Analysis announced the maximum rent increase rate for 2023 to be 14.6%.  Of course, just because the law allows for that increase, most renters are not likely to receive a 14.6% rent increase because it’s more than the market can bear for many properties.  

However, it may be an excellent time to consider purchasing a home.  Our market has shifted into a more normal cycle and we’re seeing homes remain on the market longer and prices continue to come down.  Buyers have more leverage and are able to negotiate terms.  There are also a number of first-time home buyer programs that offer lower-than-market rates and down payment assistance.  If you’ve never met with a mortgage professional now may be a great time to schedule a meeting to find out your options.  Here are a few amazing lenders who we recommend:

Tim Booher, Selco Mortgage tbooher@selco.org541-312-1845
Ryan Roskowski, US Bank ryan.roskowski@usbank.com541-510-4272
Matt Sieverson, NW Home Loans 541-323-7000

The Garcia Family’s Christmas morning tradition is to bake delicious homemade cinnamon rolls on the Traeger.  Cooking them on the Traeger adds just a little bit of smokey-ness and these gooey treats are the perfect start to the holiday.  Click here for the recipe.

Every year Kate and her family make 100’s of these delicious rolled sugar cookies to share with family and friends. With only 7 ingredients these classic cookies are simple and delicious! Give them a try and let us know what you think!

4 unexpected holiday trends

TO TRY THIS SEASONThe holidays are rapidly approaching—and our collective desire to deck the halls is growing. Don’t break out the twinkling lights, tinsel, and other glitzy trimmings just yet. This year, consider a less expected, and more sophisticated, take on seasonal décor.


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