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Mark Garcia | August 2023 Edition

Welcome to the August edition of the Bend Homes Now monthly email update. Above are photos from this year’s Deschutes County Fair. It’s an annual tradition for us to take our daughter there for her birthday. We didn’t capture a photo of our older daughter as she was having fun with friends and avoiding her parents as teens tend to do. In addition to celebrating Andie’s 10th birthday, Brooke & I celebrated our 23-year wedding anniversary in late July. As summer unfolds, Bend continues to be a hot spot for real estate activity, attracting new residents and investors. The Bend real estate market remains robust, with a steady demand for homes across various price ranges. Median home prices have seen a modest increase, making it an ideal time for sellers. The Bend lifestyle, including stunning natural beauty and a plethora of outdoor activities, continues to be a significant draw for homebuyers.

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